Welcome to Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology’s Alumni Association (VNITAA) Nagpur!

VNIT Alumni Association’s website is designed to be a platform for bringing together & to keep all the alumni of VNIT, Nagpur connected with each other. Additionally it will serve for communicating to the outside world the progress and achievements of the VNIT Alumni Community.


The website has evolved since its creation and is currently revolving around the following priorities :

1 A Corpus fund to help deserving, economically weaker students of VNIT. We intend to give interest free loan of Rs 22000/- per year starting from second year. It is expected that the student will repay the amount after he/she gets a job..Read more

2 Uniting old and developing new VNITAA Chapters. We already have a great network of fellow enthusiastic alums who’ve created and are managing these Chapters. However, we wish to grow farther and deeper in to areas where our esteemed alumni are not just established but involved in praise – worthy activities which many others can contribute to..Read more

3 Placements though were never a teething trouble for the students of VNITAA, we’ve taken on to us the responsibility of providing for better placements to the current students and eventually a placement board amongst alumni by exploring the power of our network..Read more

This website is just a tool to expedite these three process and your involvement through this channel will help us reach there faster.


Welcome Again!
Mail us at: mail@vnitaa.com



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